Welcome to the THC Classic, Colorado's only blind-judging cannabis competition in which dispensaries and recreational stores submit their best strains for a chance to be crowned Colorado's best strain. And these, people, are the states best sativas.

Welcome to the THC Classic, Colorado's only blind-judging cannabis competition in which dispensaries and recreational stores submit their best strains for a chance to be crowned Colorado's best strain. More than 72 strains were submitted this year in four categories: sativa, indica, hybrids, and concentrates. For each category, we had five judges sample each strain without any knowledge of what the strain was or where it was from. All of our judges were picked based on legality, knowledge, expertise, community involvement and ability to judge consistently and impartially. So, without further adieu, meet 2014's best sativas.


1st Place: The Green Room // Star Dawg

Stardawg is a great daytime sativa that exhibits properties of euphoria, energy, creativity, and energy.  This strain is light green in color, and has tightly compacted dense buds that are covered in trichomes.

2nd Place: Southwest Alternative Care // Tango

A sativa high in THC, Tango is a splendid mix of Tangerine Haze by The White. It smells like a tequila sunrise and tastes like a ripe orange while it promotes productivity.

3rd Place: iVita Wellness // Pootie Tang

Big and frosty with giant fox tail colas, the Pootie Tang’s sativa effects hit hard. Ground up, this Tang Tang/LA Kush combo stinks of grapefruit and has a taste of tangy hash.


RUNNERS UP (in no particular order)

Boulder MJ Co. // Lemon Haze

With a potent citrus aroma and dazzling buds, Super Lemon Haze combines the best of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze for a delicious medicinal-grade sativa smoke. It’s functional, energizing and euphoric, great for all-day good vibes.

Boulder Wellness Center // Jilly 13

Jilly Bean is renowned for its pungent flavor and aroma, with unmistakable tangy grapefruit and floral attributes. This enticing sativa-dominant strain will fill you with joyful functionality. The phenotype of Jilly Bean was grown from 13 packs of seeds into 130 plants before being chosen as “the one.”

Fresh Baked // Golden Goat

This Fresh Baked cut from 2011 has a stronger presence of its Hawaiian parent. Producing a strong citrus scent with a smooth herb aftertaste, it drives the smoker into an energizing and motivating high.

Headquarters // B5

 B5 is a rare cross of Great White Shark and Super Silver Haze from the East Coast. Smelling of a strong, fruity musk, the B5 captures your attention with its aroma and flavor.

Helping Hands // Al's Dream

Blue Dream and Albert Walker Haze came together to form a sativa that, at 26 percent THC, goes psychedelic and melts Red Rocks. Enjoy a mysterious wild aroma, the taste of celery seed and fresh basil, and a true connoisseur’s choice.

North Boulder Wellness Center // Sweet Sweet

A flower so nice they named it twice. Sweet Sweet tastes, smells and smokes like candy. “Hang with the bees and buzz in the honeycomb,” it’ll get you to Yarmouth Road.

Dandelion // Pandora's Box

This powerful sativa delivers a clear-headed high. Hints of citrus and pineapple complement a sweet aroma. It’s perfect for reducing stress levels and calming the nerves.

Natural Remedies // Red-Headed Stranger No. 14

Tom Hill’s Haze and William’s Wonder combine for a unique fusion of musk, citrus and lilac notes giving way to soaring haze effects with a psychedelic inference. It’s perfect for workday productivity, concerts and socializing with friends.

Green Man Downtown // Ghost Train Haze

Light green, resin-coated buds with an intoxicating aroma await with this one. Its taste is creamy with a little haze in the back. Expect a potent effect with motivating sativa high.

Mile High Green Cross Medical // Banana Kush

This Banana Kush boasts a unique, sweet and creamy banana essence to its aroma with a rich, expansive smoke. Aesthetics alone leave even the most experienced users wanting more. The flowers are a bright, vibrant lime-green color with a blanket of fuzzy, massive, crystalline, amber trichomes. It’s highly sedative, with a very strong, narcotic body feeling perfect as an appetite stimulant and sedative-hypnotic for sleep and general pain relief.

Infinite Wellness Center // Durban Poison

The high is energetic and clear making it great for boosting creativity. It is often used to treat anxiety, ADD/ADHD, depression, Bipolar Disorder, migraines, and PTSD. The Durban also comes with a comforting earthy, piney flavor.

Natural Alternatives // Snowdawg

 Snowdawg offers an uplifting, enlightening euphoria followed by a focused, mood-elevating high that lasts hours. The smell and flavor of Snowdawg is indescribably complex with aromas encompassing the classic “chem” flavors and infused sweet notes of the finest quality as well as skunky fuel with hints of earthy sweetness.

Green Grass // Durban Poison

This is a fabulous daytime sativa offers clear functional effects. Durban stimulates creativity, social well being and an overall good mood.

* The judging for the THC Classic was designed to be as accurate and unbiased as possible. All strains were given to the judges in numbered containers distinguished only by sativa, indica, hybrid, or concentrate. Judges were given three weeks to complete the judging so they could accurately observe the effects of each strain and not smoke themselves into a stupor. Judges used joints or clean pipes donated by Incredibowl to smoke each sample to avoid contamination and consistently asses taste and quality. Scoring was based on a weighted, 100-point scale, taking into account appearance, taste, aroma, and effect. After compiling scores from all of the judges, we dropped the highest and lowest scores, leaving us with three consistent scores that we then averaged to get the strain's overall score. Out of each category, the strains with the highest scores received first, second, and third place respectively.

The grand champion of the Classic was the bud with the highest total score. This year, we'd like to congratulate The Green Room on its grand champion strain Star Dawg (pictured above) taking home the top score of any strain submitted.