You'll see them everywhere this weekend. We promise. 

Goddamn, picking a Halloween costume is hard. If you don't wanna go with the standard "sexy version of literally anything," another good option is topical humor. This year, people will probably just parody something from the news or pop culture in the last 12 months — then people will stare at their costume, mumble "oh yeah, that WAS a thing for a while," and then everyone will proceed to get hammered. If this sounds like you, we're here to help. Here's our top 8 offensive/stupid/barely socially relevant costumes you'll need this Halloween. 

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Remember when people would dump ice water on their heads? And money got raised somehow? Yeah, we don't really either. But if you're in the mood to hold both your hands over your head all night (or look like a really shitty, confusing ghost), you're in luck. Cost: $40

Sexy Pizza Rat

Oh, Pizza Rat. If you have no idea what this is (other than a ridiculously attractive woman who'd look great no matter what stupid costume she was in), the Pizza Rat was a trending video that lasted about two days in which some New York rodent was eating pizza or something. Who knows. Cost: $90

That dentist that killed Cecil the Lion

Remember that time some random dentist killed a lion in a country where lions kill people on the reg? Well, we don't really either — but if you wanna spend a ton of cash on a quasi-offensive costume, knock yourself out. Cost: $140

Katy Perry's Left Shark

Was it at the Superbowl? Maybe the World Series? We can't remember, but apparently some asshole in a shark costume did something stupid as a back-up dancer for Katy Perry, and the Internet loved and/or hated him for it. That shark probably has a reality show now. Cost: $70

A dress people argued about

Let's see … this one … oh yeah! Some people thought a random Internet dress was gold while others thought it was blue — but no matter what color you thought it was, you were dumb for wasting your time on it. Now you can waste your money too! Just remember to shrug all the time. Cost: $50

A pound sign for some reason

If you really want to be the life of the party (and the most tangential type of pop culture imaginable), look no further. Slap this baby on, stand next to anyone else in costume and yell "Hashtag (whatever they're dressed as)!" for guaranteed laughs. Or sneers of derision. Cost: $25

The Deflategate ball

This costume will definitely be the most amount of work, because you'll have to relentlessly remind people that you're not just a football, but rather a comically deflated football somehow responsible for losing (or winning?) the Superbowl or something. We can't be sure. Cost: $50

Deez Nuts for President 2016

Unsurprisingly, someone offered up an entity called "Deez Nuts" as a presidential candidate and people liked it a lot more than the hooligans actually running for office. Remind people how sad our government has become with this cheeky costume! Cost: $110