There's high, higher, highest, and then there's these people. Thank god that even in their inebriated state, they still figured out how to use Twitter…

1. This weed snorting mom

2. This future advertising exec

3. Anyone who thinks about celery

4. This guy whose thoughts just run together like a beautiful river

5. This guy who you probably shouldn't start following

6. This botany expert

7. This guy who spoke the truest words that have ever been spoken

8. Anyone who can name a Pokemon

9. The answer is yes.

10. This guy who is really making Shakespeare look stupid right now

11. This person who is opening up a whole new world for us

12. This person who got weed and dementors confused…happens to the best of us

13. This lady who understands science more than we'll ever know

14. This guy who really gets eyelids

15. This guy who knows how to do munchies right

16. This person who is loving the single life

17. This dude who understands

18. This person who just made every vegetarian on god's green earth flash a kale-studded smile

19. This person who proved there are no such thing as stupid questions

20. This person who showed us the right way to deal with our fear

21. And of course, this person.