So badass … but so expensive … 

Our mom wouldn't buy us a Nintendo because it was too expensive. At $200 retail (and $412 adjusted for inflation), we understand that now. 

Even though it's not us, a lot of those same kids who couldn't have one are all grown up and work over at Google, so money isn't an object anymore. Enter the Analogue NT. 

It's the most baller shit, ever.

The Analogue NT is essentially the original Nintendo NES in an upgraded form. It has the same CPU and controller ports as the original, but it's packaged in a sleek case and upgraded video and audio capabilities. The NT can upscale retro Nintendo games up to 1080p and outputs audiophile-level sound.

So for the low price of a fairly decent used car, you could be the proud owner of a gold-plated NES system. Yeah, it's gonna cost you $5,000. But what’s in the box?

24k Gold plated Analogue Nt
Premium Limited Edition Box
The Legend of Zelda (original gold colored cartridge)
RGB or HDMI upgrade
Full cable set or HDMI cable

You'd better hurry, as there are only 10 that'll be made. 

They also sell a normal, non-gold-plated version for $500. Here are two nerds reviewing it. 

Yeah, if our older brother hadn't pawned all our old Nintendo games, we'd be all for this monster.