As David Lynch's beloved/legendary/psychosis-inducing magnus opum Twin Peaks prepares to return to television for its much-anticipiated third season, super-fans of the show are reemerging out of the woodwork to show flaunt their obsession in a multitude of ways.

Yet, the most interesting isn't the innumerable "Peaks Freaks" festivals held nationwide; nor the mysterious pop-up advertising at events like SXSW that sends fans into a froth of damn good proportions.

It's the tattoos. The questionable life decisions. The physical scars that bear the wearer's unwavering, eternity-long commitment to Special Agent Dale Cooper, cherry pie, and damn good coffee.

I mean, people really fucking love this shit.

Some of these things are so honorific and nuanced that we swear to the Log Lady they've tided us over entertainment-wise for the 26 years since that whole Black Lodge shebang.

Gaze upon them, and remember, the tattoos are not what they seem.