Too lifted to read the news? Every week, we recap the most interesting news in the world of drugs. To inform, to liberate. 

1. The stoner's holiday is today. It's basically Easter for ents. Christmas for trees. Passover for puffing and passing. It started when a few Bay Area high schoolers gathered at 4:20 as their smoke time. The Grateful Dead heard their whispers. It spread among the Dead. A viral meme before we knew memes existed.

2. There are official 420 celebrations in at least a dozen states. In San Francisco, there's Hippie Hill. Near Los Angeles, there's the SoCal Cannabis Cup. In Vegas, there's Ice Cube and Cypress Hill. In Denver, the biggest 420 crowd — in the nation — will be at Civic Center Park to watch Lil Wayne and Lil John smoke blunts that ain't Lil.  

3. Don't drive too high, as Lyft is offering discounts on 4/20 in legal states.

4. A Republican saved marijuana, as Colorado's Senator Cory Gardner became an absolute goddamn universal hero by getting Donald Trump to agree to protect states with legalized marijuana. Gardner had been cockblocking Trump's judicial nominees.

5. Canada is even stonier (and smarter), as the ruling Liberal party will debate decriminalizing all drugs.

6. The feds say pot's OK, as a pharmaceutical drug with the marijuana molecule CBD moved a step closer to government approval. It would be the first federally-approved drug derived from cannabis.

7. Texans love weed now, with 61 percent supporting legalization in a poll.

8. Colombia, famous for cocaine, wants to be cannabis country, too.

9. Bernie busts Big Pharma and backs bud, as the socialist Senator Sanders sponsored bills that could jail executives of opioid companies and punish states with bad marijuana laws.

10. Pharma Bro got sent to pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

11. Psychedelics can kill, as a banking heir and cryptocurrency rich dude died from an apparent heart attack at an addiction retreat center in Mexico. There's speculation that Matthew Mellon, 53, was using Ibogaine, an African root that makes you trip your insides out. He's previously used Ibogaine to cure his opioid addiction, which was costing him $100,000 a month.

[cover photo saibo via Pixabay]