In true American fashion, the nightmare of the 2020 presidential election is hardly 6 months behind us and we’re already polling people to find out who they’d support for a 2024 run.

This hamster wheel never stops spinning.

Perhaps not surprisingly, a lot of the names being floated this time are those of celebrities: actors, television show hosts, and, at least one professional wrestler. And the amount of support that seems to be behind some of these celebrities already, suggests that we may not be done with the era of celebrity presidents — in fact, it may only just be starting.

One of the front runners among the celebrity names being tossed around, is none other than Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, the ex-professional wrestler, turned-actor — a self-described “six-four, bald, tattooed, half-Black, half-Samoan, tequila drinking, pick up truck driving, fanny pack wearing” badass. Over 46% of Americans surveyed by Pipslay, said that they would support The Rock if he decided to run for president in 2024.

It’s an idea that even he seems open to.

After the debaucherous 2016 election of Donald Trump, someone suggested the idea to Johnson during an interview with GQ. They asked if he’d ever try running, and he said he wouldn’t rule the idea out. Then, a year later on the Ellen Show, he admitted that he was “seriously” considering it. And during a 2018 appearance on the Late Show he told Stephen Colbert that he was still “absolutely” contemplating a run, mentioning 2024 and 2028 as possibilities.

While no one knows what his platform might actually look like (mandatory weight-lifting days? Specialized nutritionists and trainers for every American?), according to the 30,138 people surveyed by Pipslay for this poll, he’d have enough support. If The Rock managed to win the democratic nomination (because, let’s be honest, he won’t be running as a Republican) he might actually have a shot at taking the White House.

Which would be a strange thing to behold — but, at this point, it wouldn’t surprise us. The world’s gone spinning out of control, and not much seems to make sense any longer. Maybe, just maybe The Rock will be able to stop that madness and right the wrongs that have befallen America over the past five years.

Or, we'd just be stuck with another celebrity 1%er who doesn't know what the fuck he's doing at the helm of the greatest nation on Earth. Which sounds pretty par for the course, actually…