They skate better than most adults and donate all kinds of money to charity …

Skateboarding is a tradition and lifestyle born out of a love for the individual and their creativity — often reserved for teenagers and young adults who choose to express themselves gliding through concrete jungles. But currently, two of the biggest stars are also the sport's youngest. The two haven't even made it out of elementary school yet.

Meet 5-year-old Ocean Brown and his 8-year-old sister, Sky, from Miyazaki, Japan. 

These two kids are shredding harder than people who have been riding for decades, conquering both vert and street with an unmistakable talent and confidence.

This year, Sky became the youngest person ever to compete in the Vans US Open, and she killed it, doing tricks even some of the older pros struggle with.

Sky's younger brother, Ocean, is half her age and already showing an equal amount of promise. He does advanced tricks down stairs, grinds rails and owns vert at the same age most kids are starting kindergarten in the U.S.

Along with tearing up the world of skateboarding, these two have a dream to use the sport as a means to make the world a better place. Sky started a FundRazr account, called "Skate 4 Change," to raise money and help make life better for underprivileged kids around the world.

Sky says, "I know that kids relate to kids, and I really want to connect and make friends and hopefully inspire other children through skateboarding … I also hope to encourage kids to stay in school. and most of all realize that they are special and can do anything that they dream." 

That's a lot of insight coming from a child. These two show an unbelievable amount of talent and maturity at such a young age. There should be no doubt in anyone's mind they'll go on to make an impact not only in the realm of skateboarding, but the rest of humanity.

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