He's like if your grandpappy became powerful. Aww!

When it comes to the qualities this country needs in a leader, certain things like experience, conviction and a platform that'll help move this country forward are all things that come to mind.

But what's one vastly overlooked trait of a great leader that we should all be thinking about as we head into the upcoming Presidential election?

Giggly adorableness.

Yes, that's right, folks. Cutsie-pa-tootsie, grandfatherly charm is the mark of a man whose hands you feel good about putting your future in.

Bill Clinton had it (remember Bubba on the sax?), Teddy Roosevelt had it (that mustache though), and today, Bernie Sanders has got what this country needs in the cuteness department. Hillary Clinton may have the experience and Donald Trump may have the campaign money and blood ties to Satan, but Bernie Sanders has the comedic timing and dry sense of grandpa humor that really wins our hearts. He's the people's president, yes he is.

Here's some indisputable videographic evidence of what we mean:

1. He played a rabbi in a low-budget '90s rom-com

The 1999 film "My X-Girlfriend's Wedding Reception" has a 5.3 out of 10 on IMDB, but we'd give his speech a 69 out of 69.

2. He's super gifted at bongos

Okay, he's not actually playing bongos here, but imagine how much more spirited hand flailing we'd have to look forward to in the future if he gets elected … there's nothing like the soothing, positive vibe of island jams to win our support, we'll tell you that.

3. He runs like a nerdy 7th grader with a rolling backpack who's late to his Dungeon and Dragons after-school program

Check out the gait on that octagenarian!

4. He's essentially just Larry David

Larry David constantly impersonates Bernie Sanders, and then Bernie Sanders impersonates Larry David and we just can't get enough of the hilarious grandpapas.

5. He out-Draked Drake with his own version of Hotline Bling

No one ever used to call Bernie Sanders on his cell phone, but we're sure he got a telegram or two.