Casino gaming is a popular hobby for many individuals. It’s particularly popular during the summer when people are relaxing on holiday. 

This article will present some of the newest casino games that you can try out this summer. 


Why do people enjoy online casino games? 

There are a number of reasons behind the popularity and success of casino games. Here are some of them: 

  • Because of their accessibility 


One of the most important reasons behind the success of casino games is their accessibility. Thanks to the internet, casino games are now easier to access than ever before. 

Gamers all around the world can play their favorite casino games by connecting to the internet or downloading an offline gaming app. 

  • Because they are adrenaline-inducing games


Casino games are known for being very exciting and fun games. They give players a real adrenaline rush by combining visuals and sound in a fast-paced gaming atmosphere. 

Many casino players love the rush of adrenaline that they get from playing online. 

  • Because of the variety of games available to them 


There are so many casino games to choose from. Casino fans love that aspect of the industry. 

They can pick between roulette, slot machines, poker, blackjack, bingo and many more. There are strategy casino games and luck-based ones to choose from. 

There are also unique themed-games and more traditional, classic ones. Some games follow the original rules, others innovate by offering a slightly different version. 

In other words, there are thousands of gaming options to choose from. 

  • Because of the different gaming options


Online gaming has opened the door to a variety of gaming options. 

Players can choose to play with other players, they can invite their friends and family to join them or can play by themselves if they want to. 

Some games offer live gaming sessions with live callers and dealers while others offer offline options. 

Depending on what a player needs, they can opt for one or the other. If they need both, they can also opt for a gaming app that combines both online and offline gaming options. 


What are the new casino games to try out this summer 2023?

There are several casino games that players can test out this summer. 

Players should pick a game that suits their needs and preferences. This will depend on their individual taste and gaming profile. 

Here are the new casino games to try out. Readers should note that these are listed in alphabetical order. 

  • Crazy Time Casino


Crazy Time Casino is an online game that owners of Android phones can download now. It is a wildly fun and exciting live online game that casino players will love. 

This game combines roulette and a wheel of fortune. There is a live dealer who presents and leads the game which makes it all more exciting and real. 

Players bet on a number that can be found on a large wheel. The dealer will then spin the wheel and announce the winning number. 

Those who bet on this number will win. 

There are more 1s and 2s on the wheel than other numbers. This means that betting on these numbers will increase your chances of winning. 

However, your earnings will be smaller if you bet on these numbers because of the higher probability of winning. 

If you bet on a 5 or a 10, which come with a lower probability of winning, your earnings will be higher if the wheel does land on these numbers. 

It is a luck-based game but using probability will help boost your chances of winning. 

  • The Big Deal Deluxe Slot 


This new casino game by the creative gaming studio Habanero is an entertaining slot game for players to enjoy this summer. 

It is one of the most well-ranked and well-reviewed casino games of the year. It also comes with an impressive RTP of 98.04%. 

For those who are unfamiliar with RTP, it stands for Return to Player and indicates how much a player can expect to make back of their initial stake. 

For example, if a player has placed $100, they can technically expect to make back $98.04 when playing this game. 

The majority of slot games have RTPs of 96% or 95%. This game has an excellent RTP compared with most slot games on the market. 

‘The Big Deal’ also includes a high number of paylines (25 in total) and multiple features such as: 

  • free spins 
  • multipliers
  • scatters 
  • jackpot option

This game will please fans of casino slot games.

Other fun and exciting games 

Here are two other games that also deserve to be mentioned: 

  • Gates of Olympus
  • The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends.

There are many other games waiting to be discovered and tried out if these are not to your taste!


Final thoughts

Players can test these games out this summer 2023 for a fun and entertaining gaming experience.