Looking for the right music for your professional or creative project? Your first instinct would be to choose a fitting genre, mood, maybe the main instrument, or even the artist. These are all valid considerations. Another consideration is whether your music should contain lyrics. In this article, we explore why you should use music without lyrics, and where you can get it.

Why You Should Consider Music Without Lyrics for Your Project?

Music without lyrics, commonly called instrumental music, doesn’t contain any words. It is important to make the distinction based on the words and not the voices because music with vocal choirs singing “oohs’ and “aahs” can still be considered instrumental music. 

So why or when should you choose instrumental music for your project, rather than music with words? There are two main reasons, a practical one and a creative one. But the general message is that music should support your content. It should never distract.

If your project is already based on narration

The first reason is a practical one. If your project already contains narration, then the vocals in a song will make it difficult for your audience to focus on your words. Imagine your audience listening to your presentation or dialogue in your film while Snoop Dogg is simultaneously rapping in the background. They are listening to two different streams of words. If you want your audience to fully focus on your message, then don’t give them an opportunity to get distracted by other words that aren’t part of it. Instrumental music would be the better choice here. 

The words of the music don’t tell your story

The second reason for using instrumental music takes a more creative angle. An instrumental track can evoke different things in different people. It’s the audience (or the content creator) that gives meaning to the music. There are no words to lead the story in a certain direction, so the audience or the creator can fill in that void with a memory, an emotion, or an association.

Words draw attention and lead the audience’s minds and emotions. Unless that is your purpose or the lyrics of a song happen to really fit your project, instrumental music will almost always be your best bet. Whether you need background music for your practice or work environment or want to add value to your presentation, event, audiobook, or film project.

Where to Find and Purchase Music Without Lyrics?

We live in amazing times for content creators and other professionals in need of music. Online royalty free music marketplaces such as Motion Array have made it very easy to find and purchase 100% legal-to-use music for your creative projects. Motion Array lists tens of thousands of instrumental tracks in all genres and helps you find the best song for your project with filters and search functions. Simply purchase a monthly or annual subscription plan to get unlimited downloads with a simple license for both personal and commercial use.