The Q-crowd is getting excited again and Washington DC is already taking precautions. This time, though, Q’s followers won’t be ‘stopping the steal,’ or ‘holding the line’ — this time they’re finally going to get the show they’ve been waiting for. The Storm. It’s coming. Again. Finally.

Maybe not, though, actually. Because as the date moves closer, many of the most devout Q-followers are starting to distance themselves from the claim. Not just because it was founded on fantasy legislation that never existed in the first place, but because, it might have been a false flag all along (of course!) — a classic mis-info-baited double switcheroo.

The Deep State never fails to amaze, with their 5D tactics.      

Anyway, according to 4Chan forums and Signal threads, March 4th was actually the day of the real presidential inauguration; the day the messiah, ex-President Donald Trump would return with Mike Pompeo, to be re-anointed as the 19th president of these United States, the first legitimate president since Ulysses S. Grant. From there it would have been a simple matter of rounding up Democrats and staining the capitol building’s stairs with their blue blood.   

Now, if that all sounds like paranoid schizophrenic mis-logic… well, it is. But here’s how it breaks down: see, it all goes back to 1871 when the government passed a law that (notably) doesn’t actually exist. That fake law, apparently turned the government into a corporation and rendered all elections and presidents thereafter, fraudulent. Until Trump. This second time around, he was going to do it right: he was going to nullify all those past presidents (including his past self) and step into office as the first real president in 150 years.

Why March 4th?

I’m glad you asked. Because, in 1933 Teddy Roosevelt passed the 20th amendment, which ended the gold standard in America. That diabolical political chess move, transferred capitol power in this country to a group of shadowy foreign investors who have since been pulling on the strings of American policy and direction: the powers that be: the illuminati: the shadow government: the deep state. Whatever you want to call them.

Prior to that amendment, presidential inaugurations were held on March 4th.

According to Q-theories, since Donald Trump totally won the 2020 election, that effectively ended the corporate-era of rule in America, and re-established a new-Old World Order, and reverted the inauguration day to its original calendar date. Which was why, this Thursday was supposed to be The Big Day. Trump was going to return, in all his supremacist glory, to execute Capitol Hill’s Democrats and restore Law and Order to this anarchic land. America would be restored to its pre-1900’s glory at sweet long last.

However, now many QAnon believers aren’t so sure. They’re starting to shy away from the idea as the date approaches. After all, none of them have bought hotel rooms in DC yet (although the Trump Hotel room rates have mysteriously skyrocketed in recent days). There doesn’t seem to be any furor or buzz around this supposed inauguration rally — which has many QAnon believers believing a wholly alternate, alternate reality, now.

This wasn’t a real inauguration event, they’re realizing. This was a false flag! Just like that “Stop the Steal” rally on January 6th when the US Capitol was stormed by what was very clearly a feral horde of cleverly-disguised gay Antifa members. Someone was trying to play them, then and someone was trying to play them now!

Not this time, Lizard People. You and your ilk can take your infernal manipulation tactics back to the ugly pit of hell-stone and brim-fire you crawled out of. You won’t be building a pedophile Satan worshipping empire while Q and his followers are on the watch.

All of which is to say: March 4th is probably going to be an uneventful day in Washington DC and elsewhere throughout the US. The storm… isn’t coming. Who could have guessed?