Vegas isn't always fun and games …

Vegas is great for creating memories which will last for a lifetime. However, it's not always fun and games, and sometimes you should be wary of what you're doing. In fact, if you went to Vegas and did some of the things on this list, chances are you're still regretting about what you did on your trip there and wish you had stayed at home and just simply visited instead of going all the way to scorching Nevada.

1. Don't play on the slots at the airport

This one is for those of you who are not patient enough to wait for the real deal, and start their gambling binge at the airport. The reason for this is the fact that airports don’t have to follow the rules of the Nevada Gaming Commission and in fact they rarely do, meaning that players end up with extremely low odds. They say that patience is a virtue for a reason you know.

2. Stay married after visiting Vegas

This is a story as old as time itself. A married man goes together with his friends in Vegas to escape everyday life and relax for a while. However, this innocent trip soon turns into a drunken adventure where men (it's usually men isn't it) spend all their money, get a nasty tattoo and an even nastier sexually transmitted disease coming back home with more than what the wife wanted.

Therefore it isn't surprising that Vegas is often listed as the sole reason as to why a previously happy couple got divorced. There are also exceptions to this rule, and there are also people who chose Vegas as the place to heal after a divorce, however, Sin City still is considered as a dangerous place for married men.

3. Be careful when choosing a tattoo

As we already mentioned in number 2, putting a tattoo on your body in Vegas can be a terrible experience. This doesn't mean that tattoo artists in Vegas are worse than other tattoo makers, it just means that when most people decide to put a tattoo on their body in Vegas they are usually drunk.

In those situations it is extremely difficult to choose a tattoo which won't make you look ridiculous once you sober up again. So if you are not sure that you can make the right decision when you are drunk then maybe it is better to stay away from those tattoo parlours.

4. Never film in a casino

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in Vegas is taking out your camera in a casino to capture your family's moments of enjoyment. Casinos get very angry when someone films the inside of their premises and might hand you out a fine as high as $100,000. Filming in a casino is a sure way to lose your gambling money and then some before you have even started playing.

5. Carefully choose where you eat

There are a lot of All You Can Eat buffets in Vegas, but almost all of them serve food of inferior quality when compared to any other Vegas restaurant, and here we don't just mean the expensive ones.
Realistically, most people visit buffets when they are either really drunk or really stingy. However, paying $4 for a meal which you will have trouble digesting for days should be carefully considered before you do it. It will be much better if you spend your money at some of Vegas' iconic cafes instead.