There’s a fine line between acting like a baller and acting like someone who wants to be a baller. 

There’s a fine line between acting like a baller and acting like someone who wants to be a baller, and it’s painfully obvious which of the two you are unless you know what you’re doing. One of the most baller things you can do with a night out is hit the casino, but as with all things in life, if you don’t do it right you’re going to look like an idiot. Don’t be that guy – here are a few ways you can act like a baller at the casino.

1. Learn the games so you can play with confidence
First things first – make sure you know the games. If you’re wondering around a casino looking lost because you don’t know baccarat from backgammon, you’re gonna have a bad time. Learn the games, learn the rules and hit the casino with the confidence you need to look like a real baller. If you have to ask the croupier what’s going on, you aren’t going to win. If you have to ask someone else who the croupier is, you’re not ready to hit the casino, take a chance at this casino quiz to see if you really are ready to hit the casino.

2. Learn the slang
Don’t be a wannabe – learn the slang before you head to the casino. It’s OK calling Craps “rolling the bones”, because that’s actual casino slang. Don’t make up slang to sound cool, because you will look like a poser and you will get laughed at. Remember, it takes more than just confidence in your abilities to be a baller at the casino – knowledge and experience of the games and casino culture are vital.

3. Don’t flash your cash
We all love to accessorise, but a fan made of cash doesn’t count. A real baller doesn’t make a show of their wealth – they know that they can lose cash far quicker than you can make it, and they know that respect doesn’t come from throwing your chips in the air to make it rain. Don’t brag about your winnings to other people at the table either – they could be on a tilt and won’t take kindly to you going on about how you’re cleaning house. Be classy, be respectful, be a baller.

4. Don’t make a show out of abusing the free drinks
A huge rookie error for people walking into the casino is heading straight to the open bar. Most casinos gives out alcohol to help you relax and shed off your inhibitions. If you get wrecked you won’t be in a state to play properly and you will make yourself look like a fool very quickly. Knocking a quiet drink back as you play is one thing – ordering a dozen Jägerbombs at the table won’t make you look like a baller – it’ll just make you lose quicker.

5. Get yourself a suit
Some casinos have rules over how you dress, some are fairly lax when it comes to dress code. If you want to look the part at the casino, a nice understated suit is the way to go. You don’t need to go over the top with purple suit from D&G with a feather boa – a nice simple Prada or Louis suit which looks casual yet fashionable is one of the most baller outfits you can choose for your casino nights.