Akomplice Clothing co-founder Patrick Liberty dishes out secret tips and tricks on creativity.

Don’t be fooled into thinking creativity is an ever-flowing spigot that doesn’t run dry from time to time like your rainy-day booze stash. And while you might regularly search for creative inspiration somewhere among that collection of hooch, you’re better off following these five steps from Akomplice Clothing co-founder and Colorado native Patrick Liberty.

1. Let go of all attachments, judgements and fears

”This allows me to see things in new ways that are often way out the box. We all have so many attachments to outcomes and subconscious fears that end up controlling our everyday lives. It’s easy to have these become the norm because we live with them everyday.”

2. Meditate

”I meditate to clear my mind and connect with the universe through Sheng Zhen Gong. Often, I get the most amazing ideas and solutions for Akomplice and my personal life. I believe the universe holds all information and all we have to do is access it. Also, the whole thing about us only using a small portion of our brain seems to be true. We all know much more than we realize.”

3. Experience the world

”Engaging in this crazy, beautiful world always inspires me with new ideas. This could be from taking a trip to Cuba, going to see Joey Bada$$ perform or swimming in the ocean.”

4. Improve your memory

”Having a good memory, I believe, helps me to be creative because I can synthesize information together to create new things. It’s like a fusion restaurant that mixes French and Thai food. People love that shit. The tip here is to keep and improve your memory.”

5. Follow the love and passion

”It’s easy when you get successful to become scared of losing it, but you have to let that fear go and follow the love. Love creates — babies at least. This also makes for an enjoyable life.”

Top Photo: Brothers Patrick and Mike Liberty