Admit it: drinking gets boring. Even if a ton of people are around and there's conversation, eventually people need something else to distract them from the cold reality of Colt 45. So, we’ve invented a few new games that add the thrill back to drinking.

Admit it: drinking gets boring. Even if a ton of people are around and there's conversation, eventually people need something else to distract them from the cold reality of Colt 45. As soon as beating kids became illegal, heavy drinkers needed something to fill up the extra time, so drinking games were invented. Back in the day, people drank to take out aggression, so throwing pointy things at dart boards was invented and once people realized that game was stupid they invented pool. Pool is still awesome, but then someone realized you could play games that forced you to drink much faster. Yeah we all love beer pong, flip cup, and quarters but aren't those getting a little old too? Answer: Si. So, we’ve invented a few new games that add the thrill back to drinking.

1. Windows

As any seasoned office alcoholic will tell you, binge drinking isn't dangerous enough anymore. Oh sure, there are a thousand ways to die from being an idiot while binge drinking, but you can always add one more! But instead of dying, play “Windows” instead. It's just as dangerous and it's completely legal.

Rules: Everyone sits with one leg out a window and one leg in, all in different rooms. Everyone grabs a 30 pack. After you drink a beer you throw it out the window and keep track of who gets the biggest pile. Bonus points for hitting cars. The name of the game is to drink as fast as possible. There's actually no point system whatsoever … the winner is the last person to stop drinking while they're hanging out a window. This is also how you know that that person would be the weakest link if you were stranded on an island after a shipwreck.

2. Grapes of Wrath

Some drinking games are to get you drunk … others are to test how drunk you are. This one is in the latter category.

Rules: This one needs a bonfire. Everyone gets a bottle of wine and sits around the fire. Everyone has their bottle of wine open and ready to chug, because someone now throws a handful of bullets into the open fire. Is it dangerous? Well sort of, you douche. Mythbusters actually did a segment on it, and found that while the the flying shell casings would be painful and hot and a bitchy way to start the day, they’re by no means lethal. That myth more busted than Courtney Love at … at … at her daily life.

Not only is this a great way to get Instagrams with your friends #22caliber #StacyLost, it's also a great way to tell if your friend has problems with depression. I bet your friend who lives in a garage drinks wine the slowest! This is a great party to play at the end of the night when you want everyone to leave.

3. Rock Paper Scissors

The best part about this game is how simple it is, and there’s no winners or losers so it’s perfect for only-child stepchildren who have been forgotten in the wake of the divorce.

Rules: A twist on a classic, just throw a bunch of rocks, paper and scissors at each other. Sure, hoarding rocks and scissors all day is tough, but worth it. If having scissors whiz by your head doesn't drive to you drink, you're a good person or a complete idiot. So is anyone who throws paper.

4. Slap Cup

Here at Rooster, pioneering new frontiers is what we’re all about. So when we discovered that there were ways to imbibe without the use of a cup or bottle, we got shivers of excitement. Turns out, you can lap liquor from the linoleum floor if your commitment to ending boredom is fierce.

Rules: Get some dice and stand in a circle holding your drink. Whoever rolls the highest number is the Overlord. The Overlord then rolls the dice, and whatever number comes up is the Number of Doom. Now, pass the dice to your right. If that person rolls the anything other than the Number of Doom, they’re safe. But if they do … You slap the cup out of someone's hand and they need to drink it off the floor. It's a great game because it fills time and there’s so much titillating risk, what with the floor licking and all. Ebola is the least of your worries if you play this game! Just make sure you're playing with Solo cups, you don't want to have to pull broken glass out of some girl named Brooke's gums. Also, if you’re looking to be permanently banned from whatever establishment you’re playing Slap Cup in, well, congratulations! Best if played in church or the gym.

5. Mouse Trap

As any professional drinker knows, there aren’t always people around who are down to party with you. Sometimes, your only company is whoever is in your house. And sometimes whoever is in your house is mice.

Rules:  Every time you set a mouse trap, take a shot! This game is great because setting mouse traps when you're drunk is the funniest thing we’ve ever thought of. Not only do you set mouse traps, but then you get to place them all over the house. Two points for every mouse trap you set, 10 for any that get set off on your friends. If you set off a trap you also have to do a shot. Try placing mouse traps in spots you'll forget once you sober up. Then as people get snapped the game lasts for a week! Everyone also lives in crippling anxiety!

6. Cards Against Maturity

If you have eyes and at least one hand, you’ve probably played Cards Against Humanity at this point in your life. But, even that can get old once you feverishly memorize every card. That’s why we invented this little game which breathes new life into that old deck … and

Rules: Everyone takes a few Cards Against Humanity. Through out the night everyone has to scream what’s on their card loud enough for strangers to hear it. One point for everyone who hears it, ten points if you whisper it into a non-player’s ear. Every time you get an opportunity to do this, you take a shot or inhale a beer. Whoever has the most points has a child living inside them that needs to come out through years of therapy.

If these new games don’t take the boring out of drinking, then you are probably a Lohan or twelve. And while our lawyer is telling us we should tell you to never play any of these games (except for Cards Against Maturity), we’ll leave you with this thought: Do TV shows that air people blowing up corporate art and jumping off buildings into garbage cans actually tell you to do that, or are they merely suggesting it’s something that could be done? Logic. So bring your party to the next level and try playing some real drinking games.

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