Binge dirnking and slapping your friends into submission. This must be the world's greatest drinking game. 

What you need:
    Friends (or drinking buddies)
    20-30 Cups filled 1/4 of the way up with beer (2-3 per person)
    1 Cup filled all the way with beer (this is the Deathcup!)
    2 Empty Cups
    2 Ping Pong Ball

How to Play:
Place all of the cups with beer in them at the center of a large table with the cup that is full in the center. Gather your friends around the table. Pick two people to start. The two people starting stand next to each other with their empty cups in front of them and ping pong balls in hand. If the person standing on the right bounces the ping pong ball into their cup before the person on the left, they pass the cup and the ball to the right. (If anyone bounces the ball into their cup on their first try, they can pass their cup to anyone in the cirlce). If the person on the left bounces the ping pong ball into their cup first, they get to smack the cup of the person on the right off the table. The person who's cup has been smacked must pick a cup from the middle group of cups and chug the beer. Once the beer in the cup is gone, the chugger must start over and try to bounce the ping pong ball into their empty cup. The game continues around the circle counter-clockwise until only the Deathcup remains. Once the Deathcup has been chugged, the game is over.