You love them and so does America and Gwen Stefani …

Everyone's favorite phallic fruit comes with a long history of the good, bad and absolutely fascinating …

75 Percent

Despite their firm texture and dry-mouth feel, bananas are made of 75 percent water.

Billions of Bananas

More than 100 billion bananas are consumed annually around the world, making them one of the four largest agricultural products behind wheat, rice and corn.


There are more than 1000 different varieties of banana plants in the world today, although most are unpalatable. The most common variety you see in supermarkets is called the Cavendish banana.

America Loves Bananas

Bananas are the number one consumed fruit by Americans (more than oranges and apples combined), who eat, on average, 27 pounds a year per person — yet still manage to lead the world in obesity.


Gwen Stefani releases "Hollerback Girl," instantly making bananas a popular slang term for cool. Fuckin' Gwen Stefani …