Harshing everyone's mellow is what these states are all about …

A lot of states want to follow Colorado's lead and legalize recreational cannabis — other states are shit. Here and some of the places most likely to continue harshing everyone's mellow. 


Like a lot of states, Idaho recently voted to legalize non-psychoactive CBD oil for its extremely sick residents. However, the governor of Idaho immediately vetoed it and marijuana still remains very illegal. If you’re caught with 3 ounces of marijuana or more, you’ll be charged as a felon and serve up to 5 years in prison.


Though Utah does not have the strictest marijuana policies in the country, 60 percent of Utah residents identify as Mormons. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Utah has the lowest reported rates of marijuana usage in the entire country. If no one uses marijuana, who’s going to vote for it?


Oklahoma leads the country in female incarceration rates, fatal police shootings and anti-LGBT bills proposed to a state congress. Sweet! It definitely doesn’t lead the country on the path to legalizing marijuana, however. Possession of any amount will get you jail time, and second time offenders receive a mandatory 2 year sentence.


Arkansas residents have recently voted against legalizing medical marijuana for even the most physically ill residents. When a petition was circulating to get legalized marijuana on the next voting ballot, the petition didn’t even receive enough signatures to pass through. If you’re caught with a mere 4 ounces of pot, you could be sentenced to 6 years in prison.


Though Tennessee has had proposals for medical marijuana, the state still has some of the strictest anti-marijuana laws in the country. Possession of just a gram of weed can get you locked up for a full year with a $2,500 fine. Tennessee has much higher rates of arrests than the country average, too.


Alabama’s last dry county just voted to allow the sale of alcohol, some 80 years after the end of Prohibition — the sale of weed seems to be a pipe dream as of now. Possession of any amount of marijuana can still land you in jail for up to 1 year with fines around $6,000.