Stupid humans are stupid. Stupid humans with drones are worse.

With the prevalence of unmanned aircraft coming into the consumer level more so than before, so too have the asinine stories growing in the media about mishaps, disasters and other stupid shit done by humans controlling drones. From blasting them out of the sky because it was thought to be an apparatus of a government experiment, or getting in the way of life-saving emergency services — here’s 7 dipshit things being done with drones.

Drone delivers drugs to inmates at Mansfield Correctional Institute, OH

When weed was illegal it could take us up to an entire day to procure a dime bag of hash because Jordy the burnout was too busy finger-banging his Xbox to get out and make a few bucks — and he sure as shit would never have delivered. And if we were locked up? Good night – no drugas for us. But the razor sharp wire and guards of a secure prison was no match for one dealer in Ohio, who flew a drone over the rec-yard of a prison and dropped tobacco, weed and heroin to inmates. After the gift from above was dropped, a brawl ensued, naturally, and inmates were later strip-searched and cleared of all contraband.

Man shoots down drone in Modesto, CA, ordered to pay actual dollars to fix it

After thinking an oncoming drone was part of a government conspiracy to spy on him, a gun-toting, Billy-The-Kid-type shot down a neighbors quadcopter after only a few minutes of flight. Surprisingly, the two engaged in a civil back and forth email afterwards. Eric Joe, the owner, emailed shooter Brett McBay, stating: "It was nice to meet you and your son. I wish it could have been under different circumstances, but I have to give credit to the McBay school of marksmanship." The resulting exchange had both agree to splitting the cost of damages, yet reportedly the marksman has yet to pony up.

Yet another man shoots down drone in Bullitt County, KY to “defend” property

“It was hovering over top of my property, and I shot it out of the sky,” says Wiliam Meredith to his local news station WDRB after blasting his  neighbors drone out of the sky with a calculated shot. After witnessing it in his property, he claims the drone was likely spying on his daughters out in the yard — so he felt he needed to act as any papa bear should. The neighbor has conflicting accounts, of course, with the police ultimately charging Meredith with "wanton endangerment" and "criminal mischief."

WDRB 41 Louisville News

Firefighting aircraft grounded because of drones over North Fire near LA freeway

YouTube opps from hobbyist drone flyers are creating unsafe environments for firefighters battling a blaze near the freeway leading into Las Vegas from Los Angeles. According to CNN, five unmanned aircraft have been spotted in the area, causing responders to ground all air support until the sky is clear. While the possibility of having drones support firefighters with flame management in the future is being discussed, officials now are asking GoPro aficionados to stay the fuck away … please.

Photographer’s nose "literally" clipped off by holiday-cheer delivering drone

A TGIFridays in New York unveiled their “Mobile Mistletoe” this past holiday stretch — wherein a blade-spouting drone flies overhead of a busy restaurant and delivers mistletoe to awaiting customers. While none of this remotely sounds like anything any restaurant should do, the local media went to report on the spectacle anyways. In the process of reporting, a photographer's nose was cut when the drone flew into her damn face. “It literally chipped off a tip of my nose,” says Georgine Benvenuto on “It took off part of my nose and cut me here, right under my chin.” Jesus.

Enrique Iglesias injures his beautiful hand trying to grab drone at concert

Enrique, NO! During a concert in Tijuana, Mexico this past June (shit always goes down like this in Tijuana), the Spanish pop singer reached for the flying drone while it was taking crowd photos and mistakenly came in contact with the blades. His hand was cut so severely he walked off stage to seek medical attention. In true Iglesias fashion, however, the show continued after a few oversized Band-Aids were placed over the wound.

Hobbyist "accidentally" "crashes" "drone" on "White House" "lawn"

Realistically, flying a drone anywhere populated is a bad idea — flying it near the White House, however, with its lasers and ultra-ninja Secret Service, is the worst idea. Even though officials at the White House weren’t able to strike the “quadcopter“ down (or even notice it) before it crashed, the recreational device was said to have posed no threat to anyone important. The operator later turned himself in and no charges were brought against him, though rules and security protocol was ramped up, given the ease of which a normal person was able to crash a possibly dangerous device that close to the Illuminati headquarters.