On second thought, let's not get a dog … 

"Oh my god, you should totally get a dog!" 

"Yeah, most cats are assholes but mine is different!"

"We got a dog, and now our lives are so much fun!"

As soon as you move out of the dorms, most people you know will get a dog or a cat and try to convince you to do the same. And when you see someone playing with a dog in the park, you might believe that owning an animal is all fun and games. 

But in reality, you have a furry baby that never grows up, shits everywhere and costs you a lot of money. People might try to put a more positive spin on it, but that's the cold, hard truth. 

Illustrator John Huang shows off the life he shares with his golden retriever Maimai, and while he's trying to make it look cute and fun, he really only outlines the living hell your life becomes once you get a pet. 

1) You can never eat in peace again.

2) You car will forever be destroyed.

3) Your cherished possessions will be ripped to shreds. 

4) All your money goes toward keeping something else alive. 

5) Your family will quickly be brainwashed. 

6) Instead of taking photos of many different things, you'll only photograph one thing like a crazy person. 

7) Your meticulously cleaned home will be destroyed every single day. 

8) Your valuable possessions will be ruined. 

9) Your leisure time will be sacrificed to making sure a fuzzy toddler doesn't shit in your home. 

He's trying to make it look endearing, but it looks like torture.