Waka Flocka is officially running for President … and we're pretty sure these 9 things would be his first executive orders if he was elected.

Waaaaay back in 2012, Waka Flocka Flame tweeted "I'm dead ass running for president in 2016."


And, it looks like he was dead-ass serious!

Late yesterday on 4/20, Waka announced his official candidacy for the 2016 Presidential election via a Rolling Stone video. In it, he appears to rustle up some papers, fill out some forms, smoke some Obama weed and do pretty much everything else one needs to do in order to run for president in this country other than have a Dad whose last name rhymes with 'kush.'

As would be expected, he talks about legalizing marijuana, and refers to 4/20 as the best day of the year. Classic, presidential Waka. Cool.

Now, if we could just get Bill Clinton on that ballot with him, this country would start to look like the hedonistic pleasure land we always hoped it'd become. Exuberant!

Watch his official campaign video below.

Wow, we can practically feel the lead pencil sensually filling out the Flame/Clinton box on the 2016 ballot. It. Feels. So. Good.

But while it's only a matter of time before Waka steps into the Oval Office, we're over here preparing for his epic takeover by fantasizing about his first executive orders.

Here are 9 things we're 100% sure our nation's 45th President, Waka Flocka Flame, would do once elected:

1. Mass cough drop distribution. No scratchy throats left behind.

2. Legalize weed in all the land and make 4/20 a bank holiday

3. Hire blunt rollers for his entire staff

4. Ban chairs

5. This

6. Standardize the American diet

7. Make DMX the Secretary of something, anything … or the head of the head of the FBI because you remember that whole thing right?

8. Address the nation

9. Restructure the the way our political system is run

Wow. We just can't even tell you how proud we are to be #Americans right now. We're signing the Declaration of Independence and drinking a Coors as a bald eagle flies over our Ford F-150s about it right now. FREEDOM.