Whoaaaaa, neat colors!

With the maddening amount of apps out these days, it's frustrating trying to wade through them all, looking and testing for the perfect one to suit everyday needs. We get it. Which is why we're stoked to profile HYPERSPEKTIV, a new photo/video editing app that puts a unique psychedelic narrative on your phone life. Created in part by Justin Boreta of The Glitch Mob, HYPERSPEKTIV is real time video/photo editing software containing dozens of bizarre effects users can easily thumb through to create over a gazillion new glitchy perspectives. Able to capture HD 720p video (or take still photos in the process), it's likely one of the easiest apps out there to fuck around with. There's honestly no telling what kind of capabilities this thing has, from trippy nights-out to making your cat faceless while you sit at home alone catching up on "Making a Murderer" — which is already way past its prime in Internet years, and you're so far out of the social loop!

Unfortunately for Android users, who generally get left out of most things anyway, the $2 app is currently only supported on the iOs system starting from iPhone 5s and moving on up the chain. We'll likely see an update down the road, but per the apps description in the store, no definitive time on Android's arrival is given — if the team is even planning on one. BUT, BUT, "camera roll import, 1080p, and much more" is on the way.

Give it a run for its money and tag #hyperspektiv on your Instagram photos. Screw it, tag #roostermagazine too — we want to see!