Do you ever feel like you have way too much time on your hands and need to find something tranquil to fill the gaps? Look no further than Viridi, a video game of patience and not much else.

In Viridi, you simply choose a pot, some succulent plants, and put them in the soil with water (much like you do in real life). There is no clock, no enemies to battle for supremacy and no brain-busting riddles you'll have to cheat through Google with. Your plants grow in real time, and as with living organisms, it's possible to over-water and kill them. So there's somewhat of a point, somewhere in this thing …

It's all backed by a soothing soundtrack, too. Which seems to be the point.

"We want your pot to be a safe haven, a place you can return to for a moment of peace and quiet whenever you need it," the game's official site claims.

So rather than refreshing your social feeds every thirteen seconds, why not put all that free time to use by growing digital representations of something you could have grown at home in real life?