That was awesome and terrifying. 

So in case you just woke up from that coma of yours, El Chapo is a multi-billionaire drug kingpin, responsible for bringing roughly 500 tons of cocaine into the United States. Basically, if you've snorted booger sugar in the last ten years, odds are good that it came from him. So you can see why the Feds on both sides of the border want him in a big way. 

But he's a slippery devil too — he's escaped twice from maximum security prisons, most recently in July of last year. 

But now, the Mexican Marine Corps totally got his ass, and will hopefully hold on to him this time. As a bonus, they've even released GoPro footage of the whole damn thing and put it on YouTube. 

Just a warning: it's a pretty intense video, and may cause nightmares in viewers who run illegal weapon-and-drug operations out of their apartment. Watch with caution. 

Of course, Chapo — a big fan of using tunnels in the drug trade — snuck out a secret compartment behind a mirror into a tunnel with a top deputy. They then stole a car before being captured by federal cops.

That proves it, kids. Crime doesn't pay. Well, it actually pays billions of dollars, but eventually you'll get arrested. So … probably don't do it.