And the richest town in Colorado is … drumroll please … not Aspen! But it has an equal number of MILFs …

And the richest town in Colorado is … drumroll please … not Aspen! 

Not even close. It's Cherry Creek, otherwise known professionally as Cherry Hills Village. According to a new map plotted by Business Insider, it's the most affluent city in the giant square that is Colorado.

The map, which named the wealthiest towns in all 50 states, also revealed that America's most ballin' folks are going nuts for small towns with whimsical names like Short Hills and Dakota Dunes. Emigration Canyon, UT is a personal favorite whimsical goldmine …

The two richest cities in the nation are Hidden Hills in California and Chevy Chase in Maryland where the median household income surpasses $250,000. The two poorest rich cities are Jericho, Vermont and Gretna, Nevada with median household incomes of $77-78K. Poor babies, won't someone please start a non-profit for them? Think of the upper middle class children.

Here, look at this map of all the rich people, because this is where you'll be living one day once you figure out how to counterfeit Benjamin Franklins. Below it is a list of the wealthiest ranked from richest to less richest. #Goals.