If this one's fake too, I swear to god …

As per Back to the Future II, 2015 is when we're supposed to have hoverboards. And it's been a hell of a disappointing year. 

FIrst, Lexus got our hopes up by debuting their totally baller hoverboard, but the price was just north of infinity thanks to magnets and liquid nitrogen and tons of sciencey shit:

And then some asshole called these monsters "hoverboards" and every asshole we know got one. (But they've been lighting on fire recently, so Darwinism is really taking care of that problem.)

And now, after a rollercoaster of hoverboard emotion, the real deal has been constructed. It's called the ArcaBoard and even though it looks like a floating futon, it's the first version of exactly what we want. 

With a shitload of air power and a huge rechargable battery, its 36 electric fans deliver over 270 horsepower that cause it to levitate up to a foot above the ground. It travels up to 12 mph. According to Huffington Post, “a person weighing about 150 pounds can ride the device for about six minutes before requiring a 35-minute recharge.”

That might not sound like a lot of levitation, but the company's CEO puts it in perspective: 

“If you are surfing, the experience lasts maybe a minute or so, if you jump from a parachute, the experience is maybe two to three minutes,” said Popescu, a leather jacket-clad Romanian native who turns 39 on Friday. “With the Arcaboard, you get the six minutes of riding experience.”

If he's comparing wobbling around on a rectangle to jumping out a plane, he might be completely insane … but we love him anyway. 

So the only problem is its $20,000 price tag. But if we hang around the Google campus long enough, we'll probably make a friend who has one. 

But I mean, come on! Look at this thing in action! How badass is that?

And really, things are only gonna get better. The first car only went 10 mph — and now we have vehicles that are closer to rocket ships. Where can we buy one of these levitating beauties?