Al Sharpton, this is an intervention. Ever since your failed bid for the oval office, we've stood idly by as you've turned one political stunt after another into your own platform of publicity. Don't get us wrong, we appreciate your cause and the moral mission you're fighting for. Racism needs to be squashed and you play the activist card quite well. It's just that we believe you've lost your credibility. The constant political talk show appearances; the way you weasel your way into any situation hoping to play the race card; and the constant political sermons you drop on cue were all exciting and revolutionary in the eighties but have since added to your plight from the ranks of people who we should give a shit about. Unfortunately we were too late to help Jesse Jackson. He was a good man but his ego got the best of him. We wont let this happen to you. We promise. We advise a slow diet of no media coverage. Yes, letting go of the Treyvon Martin case will be difficult at first but trust us, after the withdrawals of not seeing yourself on tv settle, you'll learn that life has more to offer than hosting a show on MSNBC. And MSNBC, don't think we haven't forgotten about your role as an inhibitor to Mr. Sharpton. We will talk later.