Whatever, the world's gone insane; we'll allow it …

Amazon is a massive company, this we already know. And as with most corporate behemoths, the goods-delivery service is constantly thinking of the future. The company's newest enterprise? Yuge floating warehouses with little mini drones fluttering about the sky bringing consumers whatever they order in a matter of minutes.

Sounds crazy, but crazy is where the best ideas come from.

Filed in 2014 (and not accepted until April of last year), the patent Amazon submitted looks like something out of a cheap Independence Day knock-off. In it is a vision of massive air balloons carrying huge loads of consumer goods, essentially just dropping them on people's houses whenever they want stuff from an altitude of 45,000 ft.

God bless America.

The plans also lay out how these things can get close to stadiums for food and beer delivery service directly to fans' seats. You know, because walking with legs has become so tedious lately. 

Seeing these frightening crafts hovering over society in the near future is fairly unlikely, however, considering how much grief the FAA has given Amazon about its drone service in the past. But at least it's one step closer, given that the company successfully made its first ever drone delivery in the U.K. recently.

We for one accept the future and welcome our new delivery balloon overlords with open arms.