Imagine a future where thousands of unmanned Amazon Prime Air drones fly through the air, delivering packages to the good folks of America. Then, imagine how many people who feel that the drones violate their privacy will shoot them down. Then, laugh maniacally.

Amazon has developed the latest scary flying thing to hit the market: an unmanned drone that delivers your copy of Fifty Shades of Grey right to your door. Straight from the future, man.

Amazon has been quietly developing the drones in a secret lab in Seattle, but over the weekend CEO Jeff Bezos unleashed the news that soon, thousands of little robot things would be flying into trees, getting caught in telephone wires, and crash-landing on your roof within the next few years. Yeah, we can't imagine any possible problems with that.

The drones, called octocopters, will transport packages under 5 lbs. from one of Amazon's fulfillment centers to your waiting in under 30 minutes. You'll be sleeping on your custom-made Nic Cage pillow in no time!

Amazon won't be implementing the technology for another 4 to 5 years while they try to skirt FAA regulations and figure out how to avoid any impending drone vs. humankind apocalypses. But what we do have now is a pretty good idea of what the Amazon Prime Air Missed Delivery Slips will look like: