Last year, a Colorado Springs dispensary offered free weed to anyone who wanted to help make the city a cleaner place. It was a huge success, and dozens of people got high as can be doing little more than a few hours of menial labor. 

This past Saturday, another dispensary — this time in Maine — had the same idea. Dozens there removed street trash too, and got substantially lifted for picking up what others were too lazy to do themselves.

For Christmas one year, a non-profit hit the streets and handed out joints to the homeless. 

And right now, at least one roofing company is offering up to $500 worth of free weed with the purchase of a new roof for your home. They even made a commercial that predictably went viral over the past few days. …

Yet the conversation since November 2016 has been one of fear, mostly of the unknown. There's a weed-hater in the highest authoritarian office who thinks things like D.A.R.E. and mandatory minimums for non-violent crimes are effective (they're not). It's a fascinating era where two unlikely forces are butting heads together, with everyone else watching in real time.

But as with all politics lately, stability is a fleeting concept. Just this morning, Jeff Sessions' boss went on a teenager-esque Twitter tirade during an early morning Newsfeed scroll. The president — the very one who gave Sessions a job — says that he is unhappy with his performance and let his 34 million followers (and the rest of the world by association) know his neck is likely next for the gallows. 

What this means for the country? Jesus, does anyone really know anymore? The reality is, cannabis is a multi-billion dollar a year industry with only half of the country allowing it legal in some form medicinally and even less recreationally. To top that, many other business owners are putting their own companies on the line to freely hand out a substance that was highly illegal just two short decades ago. It's a battle of the worlds, with everyone witnessing a tug of war that one side or the other will eventually have to yank in triumph. 

Until then, enjoy the free weed America.