Yes, a lying, manipulative murderer is better than the current selection. 

Who would have thought that most of America wouldn’t be able to decide between the short bus list of current presidential candidates? Donald Trump is as incoherent and mercurial as is his attraction for his daughter. Hillary Clinton says she’s not a politician but has every political tag line on lock. Ted Cruz is a miserable son of a bitch. Bernie Sanders will let you know when he has a plan for his revolution. And as for John Kasich, well, go home John, you’re drunk.

Beyond the political rhetoric and media overload this election season, it seems that the deep seeded hate for the candidates has come to a boil. So much so, that in a recent poll, 45 percent of the respondents claimed they would rather vote for Frank Underwood from Netflix’s House of Cards than for the other candidates. That’s right, they’d vote for a lying, cheating, somewhat swinger, who manages to threaten death to his secretary of state and still maintain office, over the five current presidential nominees.

The ongoing poll is being conducted by Virgin America Airlines in conjunction with Rock The Vote movement. The inflight poll basically asks passengers to choose from the three Republican candidates and the two Democratic candidates plus President Underwood to make things even.

Frank Underwood came in first with 45 percent of the vote. Hillary Clinton followed up with 23 percent of the vote and Bernie came in third with 19 percent of the vote.

As for the Republicans, Trump lead the pack with 6 percent of the vote, Kasich with 4 percent and Cruz with 2.5 percent of the vote.

As you can see, Underwood won with more votes than the other candidates COMBINED! Then again, if we were sitting at 10,000 feet and our airlines handed out a survey of politics we’d either hope for Underwood or Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz. Too soon?