Can't charge your phone? Only the most mind-blowing of dance concoctions will solve that dilemma!

Imagine for a moment you’re in the middle of one of the hottest shows of the year bouncing around like a coked out toddler lost in a blowup castle, all while perspiring processed Coors Light on your favorite fuzzy boots. Distracted by the bass, you're hardly giving a bloody god damn about how the phone conversation will go to call out of work tomorrow and all of your faves proceed to take the best “friends-fie” of a lifetime. The only hope right now is to share it with the world — or at least your closest 753 friends on Facebook.

But because cell service struggles at large events, your blinged-out phone was searching for bars the entire time, thus draining the power within. What to do? Oh what to do?

Well, if you had the AMPY — a new device that charges itself with the kinetic energy of your body — you’d be in no trouble at all. In fact, you’d probably be the life of the party and make friends just off of the sheer fact your charging station is ripe with power. It’s the bass drop, the DJ and then you who are the most powerful of the energetic brood.

The new AMPY was funded entirely by a Kickstarter posted last year and is currently in the beginning stages of being manufactured for the masses. As said before, it’s a device that pulls the “up-and-down” motion of your body and transforms it into useable power. Just bounce around to the funky ear candy, plug and charge.

It won’t, however, make that call the next morning to the boss — and don’t expect them to believe you when you say you couldn’t call because your battery was dead. They know, they always know.

Pre-order your very own AMPY via its site, and buy us a few for the office just because you're nice.