Unfortunately for us ladies, fellas’ penises can’t pulsate like our beloved vibrators. So we’ll invest in orgasmic gadgets, dropping hard-earned cash on genital stimulation.

But according to a new study on female masturbation, horny bitches on a budget have recently discovered a novel means of self-love — shoving old Nokia phones up their vaginas, giving their cell a call, and allowing the heavy vibrations to bring them to climax.

The outdated phone’s second life as a sex toy may seem surprising, but its repurposed use appears reasonable when considering the region where the survey was conducted. The study’s researchers, Agents of Ishq, are based out of India, an area where vibrators aren’t easy to come by. Female respondents without access to obsolete cell phones reported improvising with other household objects, using bottles, toothbrushes, or vegetables to get off.

For those fortunate enough to have access to antique Nokias, persistently pressing redial isn’t the most practical course of clit stimulation. Instead, the alarm method is reportedly the most effective means of finishing. Users can pre-program the alarm to vibrate every minute for as long as needed to get the job done.

Of course, women are far from the only sex inserting foreign objects into their orifices. Utilizing non-waterproof electronics, however, creates a modernized hazard of electric shock in a very sensitive area. To avoid activating electrical currents that can course through your naughty cavities, try wrapping your '90s era technology in cling wrap or a condom.

The new development of Nokia’s erotic comeback reveals that you don’t have to drop big bucks on complex masturbation devices. Instead, dig through the basement, dust off the pile of old gadgets, and shove that obsolete electronic block up your coochie. From there, getting off is as easy as buzz, buzz, bust.