Transviolet's campaign was great, but it has major label stink all over it.

There you sit, a young tween dickhead waiting for your parents to leave so you can snatch a shot of vodka and refill the bottle with tap water, when an unmarked package ends up at the front door. Opening it, a cassette tape with the words “Just Press Play” falls to the floor. With no other mention of what the recording contains, you do what every other dickhead tween would do and Instagram it, finding others in your age bracket have received the same thing. Finally, brave enough to listen knowing it won’t explode in your teenage face, a band by the name of Transviolet pulses through the speakers. It’s gifted you the single “Girls Your Age” — a low-tempo, minimalist song about, we don’t know, love or something. You’re hooked, you’ve tweeted, and the marketing monster is happy. Seeing as how Katy Perry and Zayn Malik posted the song not long afterwards, this clever trick has big label stench all over it. Clever indeed.