Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart has recently posted the video for “Simple Solution,” a single off of the March 2013 released album, “Wicked, Dark.” The video dives into a depressive and somber tale, which mimics the isolation and weariness of the emotional tune. It’s a close realization of the song’s inspiration of the Coen brothers’ directorial debut “Blood Simple.”

Thomas’s release of “Wicked, Dark” is supplemental to other pieces offered by the multi-talented musician, as he also leads guitars and vocals in the Americana-esque punk outfit Tin Horn Prayer. Proceeds from the sale of the album will help accommodate his desire to be a published author. The fictional novel “Hell is in New Jersey” is a dark, yet slightly comedic story about a guy named Dylan who works at a gift shop located at the exit of Hell.

The video for “Simple Solution” was directed by Adam Reynolds, and features a solid lineup of musical cohorts the likes of Dameon Merkl, Ian Cooke and Thomas’s fiancé, Jen GaNun.