Did four 13-year-old bullies beat up an 8 year old? Or did two parents take out their own childhood frustrations on a group of teens who wouldn't play with their kid? The teens admit to pushing the 8-year-old, but say they weren't picking on him and that he wouldn't leave them alone. Afterwards, a woman and man drove up, yelled obscenities and then sprayed them not once, but twice with pepper spray before driving off. We can picture this scenario happening both ways, but common sense says if some little shits are bullying your kid, you handle it like an adult. Offer to buy them some beer in exchange for playing with your child. Problem solved.

Via ABC news: Officers said the verbal argument escalated and the 13-year-old may have assaulted the 8-year-old boy. That boy then left.

The 13-year-olds told police that a few minutes later, a gold colored vehicle pulled up. The boys told police the female passenger yelled obscenities at them, then the male driver got out of the vehicle, chastised them for assaulting his son, and sprayed the teens with a chemical irritant, possibly pepper spray.