It can't really be stolen back in real life, but a feature length animated film about it would be amazing …

When it was announced that the douchey douche-bucket Martin Shkreli bought Wu-Tang's rare Once Upon A Time In Shaolin album for $2 million, it seemed as though the earth came to a stop. Nothing seemed real. Life was all one big joke and everyone was the ass of it. 

But later it was revealed that there was a catch amidst the small print in the contract of the purchase: Each member of the Wu-Tang Clan, or Bill Murray, could attempt to steal the album back without legal repercussion. Of course, a quip written in a private contract doesn't trump actual law, but it gave each of us hope that something could be done about the absurdity. In response to the claim, Chicago-based emcee, graffiti writer and animator ProbCause created a short trailer to a could-be-amazing feature length cartoon. In it, the Wu-squad teams up with Bill "Ghost Bustin' Ass" Murray to get the one-of-a-kind album back.

"The characters were all people who were actually involved in this very bizarre story," explains ProbCause, who collaborated with Elijah Alvarado on the video. "It seemed like every day we were working on this there was a new twist on the plot. We also threw Donald Trump in the mix just 'cause that phone call to Method Man was too funny not to animate!"