A new tech startup has invented a solution for those times when you're anti-social but also regretfully sober.

Weed delivery is a glorious step forward in mankind's slow plod towards our final form, but the near-perfect concept is still plagued by one aching problem: people.

Even in this advanced era, we still have to interface with Greg, the weed delivery boy. Greg smells like cinnamon and poked us on Facebook in an attempt to initiate a friendship sequence. Greg's hobby is mini golf. Greg insists Craigslist is 'where the hotties at.' We do not like Greg.

Thank god a new tech startup in San Francisco has innovated a solution to this terrible problem: dispensary delivery via drones.

That's BRILLIANT. Why didn't we think of that?!

The startup, Trees Delivery, likes to call itself the makers of "the original craft cannabis box," and is attempting to bring its subscription pot box to a higher level by enlisting the help of flying robot things for its delivery service.

"We see drones as an amazing tool for delivery. A drone will never be late," CEO Marshall Hayner told Mashable. Right, and a drone will never linger on our doorstep, regaling us with tales of Craigslist conquests while peering just past our faces into our homes.

And although drone delivery is already an established thing thanks to Amazon, weed might actually be one of the few things that makes some sense to be delivered by drone, physically at least. Unlike Amazon parcels, marijuana is light as hell. A single ounce flying through the air in the talons of a drone is enough to get you through at least a week, but it hardly adds any weight to the metal beast in the process. And if it drops out of the sky on someone's toddler's head, it's just a ittle soft bag of fun, not a 11-pound cardboard behemoth filled with dildos or whatever you ordered on Amazon.

Of course, there's a security issue at stake here. If a bunch of weed-toting drones start zipping around, they're bound to get knocked out of the sky and raided by people who are too lazy to get red cards or live in Colorado. People robbing drug dealers of their product is already an established practice, and we doubt that'll change with drone delivery especially in states where marijuana isn't even legal for recreational consumption.

As such, Trees Delivery's drone drug runners seem more like a tech-stoner dream than one that will actually come true anytime soon 🙁

But, that doesn't mean we're not going to keep our eyes to the sky for when it does happen, because Greg needs to go. No one one should smell that spicy.