They’ve got four stars, a pool and cabanas, a bistro, one of the largest water-walls in the world, a vibrant collection of guestrooms and suites, and, of course, a special car service that will drive you straight from the hotel, to a nearby cannabis dispensary.

The Clarendon Hotel & Spa is a unique place. Not just because of its funky, vibrant, atmosphere and boutique décor — but because it is Arizona’s first cannabis friendly hotel. That’s right, at this fine, progressive establishment, guests are free to use edibles, vape or smoke cannabis products in their rooms, around the hotel, by the pool, wherever they goddamn please.

“We are a cannabis-friendly hotel and have a cannabis-friendly event company that is elevating and educating the community about cannabis,” Daron Brotherton, the vice president of operations at the Clarendon Hotel and Spa, told the Edmonton Journal.

Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, this hotel is quirky, colorful, and the perfect place to get stoned and wander around. There’s no shortage of sunshine here — or cannabis for that matter. Even if you didn’t bring enough (or any) of your own, the hotel has a shuttle service just for you. Let the front desk know that you need to re-up your stash and they’ll set you up with a car that will drive you straight to the nearest dispensary, where you can refurbish your supply of gummies, carts and flower, before heading back to the hotel to enjoy them in safety.

This hotel is the first of its kind in Arizona, and in fact, in the entire American South-West — for now. As cannabis tourism becomes a bigger and bigger industry, as more states legalize cannabis and as those states set up an infrastructure for cannabis lounges, clubs and bars this kind of thing is surely going to proliferate. Cannabis friendly hotels will be everywhere in states with legal weed within a few years (especially if one of the legalization bills currently in congress passes and the prohibition ends at a federal level).

For now, though, the cannabis-positive-policy of the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix is unique to Arizona. If you happen to be in the area, rooms start at $99 a night — just make sure to leave your cigarettes at home. Tobacco products are still prohibited as per hotel rules.