Hmm … just hmm …

The state failed miserably during the last election cycle to make weed a recreational hobby, yet a few in Arizona are looking to that as more of an open door than an all-out defeat. As per a recent filing by an organization calling itself RAD Final, the state might have all drugs legal by 2018 — the organization now on the hunt for enough signatures to possibly make it so.

It's called I-13-2018 (read full initiative here), and aims for the "100% complete legalization of all drugs."

It also "forbids the government from taxing or regulating any drug" and promises that anyone convicted of a drug offense in the past will automatically be given a swift pardon. It also wants extended rights for drug users, forbids extradition for drug crimes and will create a protected class for people who like to get high to avoid discrimination.


It's a lot to take in, and on the surface appears to have a steep climb to get to the 150,642 signatures it needs by July 5, 2018. This all considering Arizona's hard fought history just to get it to where it is today.

The state lost its recreational provision to marijuana last November by a 48 to 52 percent vote.

A better yet still egregiously sketchy bet for people wanting to do drugs? I-14-2018 (filed by the same RAD Final), which calls for a "100% complete legalization of marijuana." If passed, it will provide the same pardons and rights as asked for in the other initiative. It also officially calls the previous "Safer Arizona" initiative "phony baloney" and asks that no taxes be taken in from any drugs whatsoever as well. 

Which, uh, might be nice. But when has "nice" and "government" ever colluded with one another for the good of the people?

But it's 2017, a #filterless celebrity is in the White House, the Cubs have a championship, the Final Four in NCAA basketball is all fucked up and the entire east coast is fighting over who can use what bathroom to the tune of almost $4 billion. 

So, yeah, sure, let's make all drugs legal and not tax them. Now seems like the perfect time to try?