graphic - art talk with meeg conroy

I didn't know this was an AOL chat room?

Hmmmmm. Some people call me Meegs. Or just Conroy. Nothing too exciting.

Favorite Snack?
Chex Mix … or any form of pastry with coffee!

art- Rooster cover art

When did you first start creating art?
As soon as I could snag my dad's pens to draw on restaurant paper placemats.

Any favorite jokes?
Q: If a crazy person is taking a hike through the woods, what is the trail called?
A: A psychopath.

Are you formally trained?
I studied printmaking in college, but have always learned from my brother. He is definitely a renaissance man when it comes to art. Painting, printmaking, floristry and window design are some of his current mediums. But, he is always challenging himself to learn and do more. Usually without fail he can answer any question I may have, as well as offer his opinions — though sometimes without solicitation.

Art - Meeg Conroy

What artists do you have the most love for in the local scene?
How much room can I take up here?!? There truly are so many individuals, across a number of mediums that inspire and support me. Without this community I don't think I would be where I am today. Specifics though? Karma Leigh is a fellow visual artist and best friend who is always there (also working on something at 3 a.m.) for advice and suggestions. We have a similar workflow and can always count on each other. Other inspirations are Regan Rosburg, the Lowbrow Gallery gals, Blake Jackson, the Colorado Crush crew, Detour, and all the guys at Landmark Tattoo. Just as much love goes out to all my music heads … whether producers, DJs, vocalists or musicians, and in Denver there is an amazing crew!!! We have Crl Crrll, Dealz, Skeena, DJ Styles, DJ Digg, Lowkey, Mandy Yoches and the All Chiefs crew. I could go on and on about the love I have for artists in this city!

photo-Art Talk with Meeg Conroy

What would the world look like without art?
Ever seen The Neverending Story? In it they seek to fight The Nothing. The Nothing is a force that takes over when people stop caring. And when it takes over, the world just disappears. A world without art would be one where The Nothing won.

Shameless Plug(s):
You can see my latest piece outside at The 715 Club (Denver, Colo). Otherwise check out my Instagram @miss.meeg — and if you ever need a drink, come through Pearl's in Cap Hill. I'm there most nights pouring drinks when not creating.

Art- Wolf - Meeg Conroy

photo - art Meeg Conroy

Art - Meeg Conroy - Weirdos

Art- Meeg Conroy  - GELFING

photo - stage art- Meeg Conroy

photo - woman portrait - Meeg Conroy

Art - Elephant illustration - Meeg Conroy

Art by Meeg conroy

Art- Meeg Conroy

Street art by Meeg Conroy

Art - Wolf - Fox - Colorado Artist  Meeg Conroy

Photo - Colorado street art- Fox - Meeg Conroy

Art- Lotus flower- Meeg Conroy