We figured a lot of our readers haven’t yet heard of the bands playing on this year’s lineup, so we did the dirty work and copy / pasted a bunch of things for everyone to get acquainted.

When we say around here that we have a lot of admiration for local artists, we mean it. We're also pleased to announce that the courts have gone easy on us lately. Through their graciousness on alleviating that nettlesome restraining order we’re able to show some of that appreciation again this weekend.

It’s like, when has it ever been 'wrong' to send lead singers personalized notecards with a few magazine cutouts demanding that they ‘moisturize the epidermis?’ Laws: They’re so convoluted.

Anyway, this Saturday, July 19 at Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre, the annual Big Gig put on by the fine folks over at channel 93.3 will again rock face with the impressive lineup that includes some of Colorado’s finest. Gates open at 1:30 p.m. and the “Locals Only” stage starts shortly thereafter.

We figured a lot of our readers haven’t yet heard of the bands playing on this year’s lineup, so we did the dirty work and copy / pasted a bunch of things for everyone to get acquainted. We also asked them to:

1. Describe the band's sound in a few words:
2. What does playing the Big Gig mean to you?
3. What would you want someone to know about the band if they had never heard of it before?

Post Paradise

1. "Post Paradise is a straight up Alternative Rock band with a lead cello. Pretty much sums it up."

2. "Big Gig is a great opportunity to play in front of a lot of new people, that like to see live music but may have never heard us in Denver. The people at 93.3 are awesome and it's so cool of them to put things like this together for local bands. It's a wonderful thing to be a part of because we know that our fans got online and put in the time to help get us up on that stage. As a band it's such a great feeling to know that your fanbase really has your back!"

3. "People that haven't heard of us before should know that we just released a brand new single called 'Ordinary' that got us INTO Big Gig (and it's freely downloadable HERE. We are also back in the studio with a bunch of new material to be released end of this year/beginning of next! Find us online and see what we're up to."

Glowing House

1.  "Hauntingly hopeful folk rock."

2.  "It means that people wanted us to play it.  Receiving something like that through a voting process is the type of thing that drives you to share your art with others for a very long time."

3.  "Our guitarist, Steve, claims that he has never fallen down."

Rumours Follow 

1. "A rock quartet that combines groovy tunes with catchy hooks."

2. "Opening Big Gig on the main stage offers an amazing opportunity. Some may view this as a major achievement and get complacent; we don't. Big Gig can act as a springboard into bigger things and in no way is our end goal and will hopefully act as a precursor to forthcoming achievements. We are grateful and appreciative of this opportunity, but we also understand that if we don't seize this opportunity and utilize the oncoming exposure, we will fade as fast as we shined."

3. "The singer of Rumours Follow, Nick Sanders and I, were in a band called Regret Night and we won Channel 93.3's Big Gig contest in 2012 where we opened on the main stage at Red Rocks. We left Regret Night to start Rumours Follow soon after."


Chemistry Club

1. "Electronic-backed nerd pop. I mean, it isn't just for nerds, but we do have a song that's basically Battlestar Galactica fan fiction."

2. "We are very excited to be playing. We have a tremendous amount of respect for the other acts, and it's a huge honor to share this with them. We also owe a huge thank you to KTCL, who does an amazing job of supporting the Denver scene."

3. "On the surface, we're just your friendly neighborhood pop band. But deep down, we're a bunch of nerds who always strive to create something really interesting. Whether it's building a light-up drum riser for our first show ever (we actually did that), a video game for one of our songs (about to be released), or a sci-fi concept album (coming soon) , we aim to be more than just a pop band."

Pandas & People

From the band's bio: "Pandas & People is a three-piece alternative folk band rooted in Northern Colorado. Held together by lead vocalist and bassist Joshua Scheer, guitarist Johnny Day, and pianist Megan Huffman, Pandas & People began as a side project in a basement in Greeley, Colorado in 2013. Feedback from family and friends shoved Pandas & People from the back burner toward the center stage, and, after recording their first single “On My Way” in November, the band was chosen as a top ten contender for a local competition put on by channel 93.3 KTCL. After being in the main radio rotation for almost two weeks, the song’s sales increased exponentially and listeners voted the song into the Top 3 in the statewide competition. The band has just released their new EP, and with a Midwest tour pending, Pandas & People offers a traditional folk sound with an underlying hint of alternative rock, creating an innovative fusion of sound that sticks with you from the moment you hit play."