Hip hop wouldn't be the same without the over-the-top, blinged out videos to accompany the vivacious and lyrically deep songs. And hip hop videos wouldn't be the same without the honeys who perform alongside the artists bouncing, booty-clapping, twerking, jerking and doing the Dougie until the last 'yeeeeaaaah' is sung. 

The voluptuous beauties of hip hop videos were so fascinating to one photographer that he compiled a list of the assorted performers in a series called Hip Hop Honeys. Brian Finke, a photographer with a sense of humor and different eye for beauty has portrayed such subject matter as cheerleaders, body-builders and frat boys. And now, he's going inside the world of the hip hop honeys. 

We aren't sure which hip hop video this is, but when chicks have AK-47s, shit is about to get real.