Beavis and Butthead were two of the most influential and iconic music critics of their time (and of course we're saying that with a straight face). Often the industry hand jobs are passed around like Halloween treats and whoever gets the most Strawberry Hard Candies loses. Meaning, it’s never really about the talent when it comes to popularity – so seeing a couple of animated dope fiends with cable open up about their musical tastes was oddly refreshing. B&B was honest in its approach, and gave us impressionable kids at least some bearing on which to build our CD collection by in the mid-90s.

So what would Beavis and Butthead think of Denver music? It’s kept us up at night, to be honest, but now we know. Thanks to this parody video we’re going to sleep well this evening. Watch the following and then be sure to grab a new issue of The Rooster Magazine, where we profile thirteen other local acts that make this music scene a delicious one.

Track listing:

Rachel and the Kings – "Not Giving Up"
The Epilogues – "Hunting Season"
The Photo Atlas – "Memory Like a Sinking Ship"
My Body Sings Electric – "Doctor"
In The Whale – "Heels"