We asked both guys and girls what they believe are the telltale signs of a master in the bedroom. Both agreed, that you can easily spot the veteran from the amature. 


Good kisser. Kissing is the first act of sexual contact. If a man kisses like a St. Bernard, offering up enough drool and tongue to realistically drown a girl as he licks the lunch out of her stomach, further contact with her body goes off the table fast. Good kissing is the key to getting a girl hot in the pants … and to getting her to take them off.

Good dancers are going to be good in bed. If a dude moves his hips without seizing or awkwardly attempting to rub his boner on any of a woman’s available body parts—dry humping ends at training bras boys—then he is surely going to know how to direct his member. It’s a sexy sign of sensuality and skill that leads women to believe they’ll get theirs too. Boys, you’d better hope you can keep that promise.

Spontaneous people are more fun, adventurous and daring. These types of personality traits carry over into the bedroom, often introducing women to a whole new Narnia of sinful fun. Women think they know their sexual preferences, but a spontaneous man  outside of the bedroom always comes with surprises behind closed doors (or convenient alleyways).

CONFIDENCE is sexy. There is nothing better than a guy that is sure of himself. A dude that knows he is capable of pleasing a woman—without shouting it to the world—is going to be a good time. His silent confidence guarantees total destruction in the bedroom; the kind of ruining that snagged “50 Shades of Grey” so many admirers.

A compromiser is often a woman’s best chance at getting hers consistently. A dude that gets a woman in the sack, finishes his business and leaves her hanging is a selfish bag of dicks no woman wants. A compromiser will undoubtedly demand to be pleased, but he also ensures women get their ya yas too. Even if these men finish first, they follow up. *Disclaimer: One of the biggest turn ons for a dude—besides the notorious threesome—is for a lady to please herself, by herself, in her man’s company. A compromiser, the non-selfish lover, loves to see his lady pleased. The compromiser is a keeper, even if it’s only until breakfast.




Women who lockdown any insecurities and show confidence in their bodies and abilities are so. fucking. hot. If it’s time to hit the sheets—or floor, counter, dirty bar bathroom—no man wants to hear about necessary improvements on the butt, stomach, thigh, boob, whatever he’s staring at. Guys don’t give a shit. If the woman in front of him is already practically naked, body issues are the least of his concerns. Be real here ladies, discussing butt dimples, tummy rolls and chicken-wing arms is an instant boner kill.

Men shamelessly love a tight-ass body. As shallow and superficial as that sounds, men are visual creatures. They size women up, examining their potential score for the night, and there is no denying it. This doesn’t mean you have to look like an Olympian athlete. When in-shape women know how to dress for their bodies, men notice. They see it, they share the joy with their friends, and then they do everything in their power to make that shit happen. Staying fit and healthy answers two key questions: Will she look like a god in bed and will she perform like one? Insert all of the primitive, partner-picking psycho babble you want, but all men notice is that those sprints have prepped you for the marathon they hope to have.

Eye fucking. Straight up. Ladies-when you see a honey across the library, bar, frat house, Taco Bell, ensure that you get your eye fuck on. Flirting begins long before the lame-ass pick-up line. Eye fucking is quiet, seductive and mysterious. Rather than dropping a disgusting one liner or just hoping he notices, try this on for size. Imagine saying “I want you inside of me now” while looking in the mirror. Pay attention to what your eyes do. Boom. Take one part eye fuck, add lube and enjoy a healthy heaping of insta-bang. Next time you spot your target, whip out the eye bang and watch the boys fawn.

An experimenter is willing to try new positions, new locations, new props and toys. She’s adventurous, daring and simply more fun in the bedroom. It doesn’t mean she’s  the kinkiest girl in Boulder; it means he gets more surprise wild nights than if he takes home her Brady-style bestie. No man actually wants those lady-like behaviors in the sack. Yes, freak in the sheets is a real thing, but worry not ladies, this is a guaranteed path to filthy fun you never knew you’d love.

Flexibility works. There is nothing better for a guy than sex with a lady who is super flexible. If she can angle her legs in a million directions—up, down and around—then both parties’ hip angles get that much better. When a lady has the ability to wrap her legs around his head, do a full split or wrap her legs around her head, both parties are guaranteed fantastic results. This sets the stage for amazing O’s in mind-blowing positions pretty much every time.