Don't give up on sports just yet …

If this past year's frustratingly benign NFL season was the one that finally did it in for you, keep in mind you won't have to give up sports for good. 

Because thanks to researchers at Queen Mary University of London, bees are playing soccer now. 

Simply put, scientists and bee enthusiasts have always thought hive behavior was nothing more than an internal response to habit, that their brains were too small to learn. But by using fake bees to train a real bee (and offering him up a sweet reward at the end), they've found this to be untrue.

We now know the little pests can score goals and bend it like Beckham just the same.

So don't ditch your love of sports just because overpaid athletes get away with beating their wives and cheating all the time. Move on to something more organic. A professional Bee Soccer League is probably, likely, most assuredly right around the corner.