Spike the Beetle is the world's most artistic insect. At least, that's the assumption, considering there are probably few people with pets like him and even fewer who will give them markers to design things for social media videos. 

Nonetheless, a Twitter user by the name of @itmemandy is allowing her stag beetle (or dorcus alcides) to shine in the age of everything goes. It's because recently she saw a massive jump in social media followers only to discover people were following her because of things like this:

That's Spike, and he's working on his form. And because his human master received so much interest about him, she gave Spike a solo Twitter account (and dedicated Tumblr page) which has now "spiked" to over 8k followers in just a few short days. "Give the public what they want," once proclaimed actor and comedian George Jessel. 

Give them what they want Mandy did …

If you're wondering what this has to do with anything, relax, we recently came off a long weekend and enjoy mindless entertainment just as much as the next person when a thing like brain power is in short supply around the office. It was either this or chipping away at our life expectancy by covering more politics. 

The beetle won — viva la Spike.