Please let "winter-bod" become a thing …

Yep. Ben & Jerry's done did it again.

The groovy Vermont-based ice cream geniuses know us all too well. They get our love for ice cream, our love for a good beer, and our love for winter. So what did they do for us? The flavor gurus at Ben & Jerry's partnered with brewmasters from Colorado's own New Belgium Brewing to create two "mutually inspired products," the proceeds of which will help preserve everything we love about winter in the face of climate change.

If you haven't figured out where we're going with this, let us spell it out for you. Beer ice cream. And ice cream beer. On a mission. Shwingggg.

"Besides the obvious reason of why beer and ice cream? Because they're both delicious," says Travis Burge, New Belgium's Production Director, in the following promo video. The collaboration is about more than just luxuriating in two (or three) vices at once. "It's about business being a force for good," adds Eric Fredette, Ben & Jerry's Flavor Guru.

Vermont-based Ben & Jerry's has always been able to swoon us with great copy and perfectly tantalizing flavors for the discerning stoner palate. We don't even mind that at this point they're probably just coming up with new titles to describe already-existing flavors. Swirls, doughs, batters, chocolate and caramel any way you can imagine, banana-whatever, coffee toffee, salted-this, salted-that … yes, we say. Emphatically, yes.

Likewise, New Belgium Brewing knows how to make us feel all warm and fuzzy but also daring with their combination of traditional offerings — like Abbey Belgian-Style Ale, Ranger IPA, and Sunshine Wheat Beer — and funkier options — Grilled Pineapple Berlinerweiss, Pumpkick Ale (pumpkin with a bit of cranberry and lemongrass for zing), Coconut Curry Hefeweizen …

So we were already on board when the two companies announced the release of New Belgium's Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale, and New Belgium Salted Caramel Brown-ie Ale ice cream. (Are you drooling yet?) First of all, they provided us with such a great alternative to homemade porter-floats. Secondly, supporting the Vermont creamery's partnership with the Fort Collins' brewery is an indulgence that we can feel good about because both companies are certified B Corps.

What's a certified B Corp, you ask?

Basically, it's a company whose commitment to doing good in the world is engrained in their business plan. There are about a thousand around the world, and Ben & Jerry's and New Belgium are both pretty well-renowned for their activism as well as their delicious products. For the do-gooding portion of this collaboration, the two companies brought Protect Our Winters on board: a non-profit environmental organization founded by climate-conscious hottie Jeremy Jones (who's also a professional snowboarder).

Jeremy Jones, modern hero.

Protect Our Winters (which gives the acronym POW a much more empowered connotation) is led by the snow sports community to mobilize climate activism in a non-political way. It was started in 2007 by Jones who, after lamenting the permanent closure of some of his favorite mountains due to lack of snow, learned that there really wasn't a group dedicated to reversing global snow loss due to climate change.

Part of the proceeds of both products will go straight to POW, meaning all of you globally-concerned consumers can totally revel in sipping on Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale while shredding up the slopes this winter because, thanks to you, there's snow to be shredded.

Both products started to hit shelves and will be popping up in more stores as temperatures drop. While the ice cream will make it nearly across country, the 6.3% ABV ale will stay a little more local. If you aren't lucky enough to find it nestled in the mix of a New Belgium Folly Pack this month, the six packs should be making their appearance in November.