Bernie Sanders, you may have heard of him? He's the in-touch politician that basically everyone born after 1980 wanted in their corner to fight for what's right in America. But as the tragedy goes, it didn't happen. Yet the outspoken U.S. Senator isn't taking the controversial defeat lying down. In fact, he's reaching out to those same youngins by boosting his online persona through Facebook videos and now a podcast. #woke


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The podcasts, for now, are just the audio versions of his already popular Facebook videos — in where he interviews names such as Reverend William Barber, filmmaker Josh Fox and Bill Nye. It's at least an effort by a member of Congress to remain attentive to reality in the eyes of the youth — unlike what the other 99 of his peers are doing. "What my young people tell me — and nobody over 12 really understands this — is video is increasingly important," Sanders told NBC.

Who knows, maybe it's all a grand scheme to finally get himself into the White House in 1,300 days (give or take) when the then 78-year-old will be the youngest old guy in existence. Stay relevant, be relevant.

Bernie, he's so hot right n … still.